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Advisory Tips On How To Avoid Car Shipping Scams

Making arrangements for your car transport has become convenient with the internet but technology has also increased the chances to fall for car shipping scams. There is news about clients ending up with missing vehicles. This has become an issue for legitimate auto transport companies and they are trying hard to keep themselves detached from auto transport scams.

Many established transport companies adhere to offer their clients a hassle-free car shipping process. If you are looking for a transport company in the US then check the website https://www.shipacarinc.com/. It has an experience of nearly 30 decades in the auto transporting sector.

Cautionary tips to avoid car transport scams

  • Check for registration –The FMSCA handles the database for auto carriers. You can check the potential companies’ docket numbers on the FMSCAs website. If the carrier hesitates to give their USDOT PIN & Docket number then it is possibly a scam.
  • Check for address & phone number – Communication often takes place on the phone because it is quick, easy, and cheap. Often scammers list fake phone numbers and addresses. A genuine trucking company has its contact details on Google Maps.
  • Check for reviews – Even the best transport company has its share of bad online reviews. Past company clients post reviews, which means the professionals are genuine. If there is no review means the business is a scam or brand new. Finding only positive, generic, or bad-worded reviews indicates a scam. These are paid reviews posted to lure clients.
  • Check with BBB – On BBB, you can look for complaints and how they got resolved. They have a category for accredited US vehicle transport carriers.
  • Evade untrackable payment methods – If the website asks for shipping service payment via Moneygram or Western Union then it is not cool. Wire transfers are untraceable. Cash can be withdrawn instantly. Traceable payment methods include debit cards, credit cards, cheques, or PayPal.
  • Never rush to lock in unusually low rates – Low quotes are offered and even high-pressure sales technique is used to push toward making a deposit. Companies that approve low quotes are startups or companies that have bad repute [no one deals directly with them]. Unlike scammers, with these companies, your care will ultimately get shipped. The moment the broker has your deposit, he will find carriers willing to ship the car at the price agreed minus their commission. It can take weeks to locate a carrier that agrees to transport at low rates thus delaying the shipment.

When you find a reliable auto transport company there are some things to consider. 

  • Read the contract before signing – Get clarity about the details and in case of doubts ask questions. If they don’t answer avoid signing the contract.
  • Get familiar with the driver – Before you deposit contact the driver. It will ensure delivery legitimacy and verification after pickup. Direct access with the driver makes shipment monitoring easy.
  • Take pictures of the car for evidence in case of damage claims – This makes it easy to avoid disputes for a damage claim, when the car arrives.

Smartly choose an auto transport company!

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